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Weight loss and immunity boosting plans developed by Dr. Jim for home based treatment support.  Helping you have a better quality of life in all aspects of your day.
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Imagine no more medication… but a proven long-term solution you can do at home for your:

  • Numbness
  • Diabetic nerve pain
  • Sharp, electric-like pain
  • Burning or tingling
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty sleeping from leg or foot discomfort
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Pain when walking

We offer a scientific, 4-step, proven approach that heals your nerves and reverses your symptoms by:

    1. Increasing blood supply to your nerves.
    2. Repairing and re-educating your nerves.
    3. Increasing the blood flow in your feet or hands.
    4. Increasing your balance and mobility.

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Get Relief with No Surgery, Shots, or Addictive and Dangerous Medications
100% Non-Invasive – No Side Effects

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Only $49
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Dr. Jim Claeys Restore Wellness Center Melbourne FL

Dr. Jim Claeys

Certified Chiropractor and Acupuncture Physician

Dr. Jim started his interest and career in healthcare at a young age as a hospital corpsman in the Navy. Jim advanced quickly as a Corpsman and pursued a Bachelors of Science degree in Molecular and Microbiology to further his knowledge and opportunities in the medical filed. After college, Dr. Jim was accepted into Chiropractic School, where he maintained his lifelong interest in health, healing, and wellness. After suffering a significant femur fracture while snowboarding in Colorado, Dr. Jim was re-energized about the benefits of health and healing that came after surgery through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, physiotherapy, and exercise. With Dr. Jim’s motivation and drive, he then became a dual-boarded chiropractor and acupuncture physician.

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— Combining Western & Eastern Medicine —

Healing Your
Mind, Body, and Soul

Eastern medicine has a cyclical perspective on life, believing everything is connected. We have studied and incorporate this holistic view of wellness

Complete Care for Your Body & Mind

Pain Relief
Immune Boosting
Increase Flexibility
Decrease Inflamation
Increase Joint Mobility
Lower Blood Pressure
Increase Energy
Healthier Pregnancy

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Whole Body Wellness Therapies

Red Light Therapy

Weight loss, reduce wrinkles, detoxification….it works wonders!

Knee Decompression Therapy

Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, enjoy the walk!

K-Laser Therapy

The future of pain relief and healing is now!
Chiropractic Care at Restore Wellness Center in Melbourne FL

Chiropractic Care

Adjust your body for a better life!

Acupuncture Therapy

Relieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pain!

Neuropathy Therapy

Restore your senses and feel the difference!


Increase blood flow, bone mass, and more.  Feel the vibration!

Live Your Best Life!

Don’t settle for a life of nagging pain, discomfort, and weakness.  That is NOT the normal!  We are here to help you realize the life you can have.
  • Less pain!
  • Better mental state!
  • Healthier body!
  • Less stress!

Dr. Jim can help you figure out everything you don’t know about the world of holistic medicine and the decades of tried and true methods of relieving pain, both mentally and physically.  We want you to live your best life, every day from here out!

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Restore Wellness Center

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Common Questions

Many people don’t know the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness, or have a lot of questions that prevent them from experiencing the higher quality of life it can bring.  Here are some common questions we get regarding services we offer such as acupuncture, neuropathy, chiropractic, and vibration therapy.

Does acupuncture hurt?
No, accupuncture does not hurt. The needles used are very small and penetrate only enough to hit the nerves and spots we are targeting.
Can acupuncture cure my headaches?
Acupuncture can aid in alleviating headaches, as well as many other maladies that can lead to headaches and many other ailments.
I have tingling in my leg, can chiropractic adjustments help?
Absolutely, many issues like tingling in the legs are caused by misalignment of the spine and hips.
I'm scared of cracking my spine, is it safe?
Chiropractic adjustments done by an experienced and knowledgeable physician is completely safe.
What is neuropath therapy?
Neuropathy is the condition of damaged nerve causing weakness, burning feeling, and other issues. Therapy for neuropathy includes the reduction of inflammation, increasing blood flow, and optimizing the body to heal the nerves.
What is vibration therapy?
Vibration therapy is a process of introducing vibration to the body the helps in many cases with increasing bone mass, decreasing pain, increasing blood circulation, and helps with other neurological conditions.

Still hesitating?

Contact us today & we can sit down and answer all your questions about attaining a better quality of life.

— Real Results From Real People —

Restore Wellness has a huge variety of treatments available for both relieving and preventing pain. Dr. Jim’s combined acupuncture and chiropractic techniques have completely eliminated my neck and lower back discomfort. The staff is fantastic. I highly recommend Restore Wellness to anyone who wants to feel their absolute best.
christine Tripodi
christine Tripodi
21:13 30 Nov 23
I just saw Dr. Jim for my first visit and I was very impressed. He explained a lot to me about my lower back problem and did acupuncture and adjustments and I already feel better. I’m looking forward to going back again. I think I might have found the right doctor to take care of me. !
Bren Suchovsky
Bren Suchovsky
21:54 27 Nov 23
If you need chiropractic care then Dr.Claeys at the Restore Wellness Center is the place to go. I have been to a number of chiropractic centers in the area over the years getting a limited amount of relief. I have never felt better and more energized since seeing Dr. Claeys. If you need chiropractic care do yourself a favor and make an appointment at the Restore Wellness Center. Give either Tammy or Gabby a call to make an appointment and introduce yourself to two of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet.read more
Lou Donaruma
Lou Donaruma
19:14 22 Nov 23
Dr. Jim is very knowledgeable and skilled. I had both a chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture and I have more range of motion today than I did yesterday. Thank you 🙏 the office is beautiful and a very soothing atmosphere.
tiffany Rowswell
tiffany Rowswell
19:06 21 Nov 23
Dr. Jim and his staff are exceptional and always make me feel right at home for every appointment! Dr. Jim is an active listener when it comes to my current pain and what treatment I need. I highly recommend Dr. Jim and his staff (Tammy and Gabby) for all of your acupuncture and chiropractic needs!
Darnisha Griffin
Darnisha Griffin
14:43 13 Nov 23
Dr. Jim is a highly skilled and experienced chiropractor who has helped me tremendously with my lower back pain from degenerative disc disease. I had constant nagging pain and was unable to sleep on my right side for a long time. After treatments with Dr. Jim, I am now pain-free and able to sleep on my right side whenever I want!Dr. Jim is a patient and caring doctor who takes the time to understand my individual needs and concerns. He always explains his treatment plan in detail and makes sure that I am comfortable with every step of the process.I am so grateful for Dr. Jim's help and highly recommend him to anyone seeking quality chiropractic care.read more
Susan Mccoy
Susan Mccoy
23:01 15 Oct 23
Dr. Jim is absolutely awesome. He takes time to listen to your problems and then makes the plan to fix those problems. He is very gentle but gets those bones to pop into place.I have been several times mostly when my back is out and every time I walk out pain-free and asking myself why did I wait so long to go to the chiropractor? His staff it's always kind professional and knowledgeable. I give him a 10 star rating.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Deenna Smitherman
Deenna Smitherman
11:28 15 Oct 23
I went to see Dr. Jim with shoulder and upper back tightness that caused numbness down my arm and fingers especially when I slept or sat at my computer. I had 4 visits of adjustments, decompression, acupuncture and finally a session of Gus Sha. A week later the numbness and stiffness is gone and it’s still gone after 4 weeks now. Amazing. Wonderful staff and very comfortable and peaceful office atmosphere. Thanks Doc!read more
Nicholas Calvelli
Nicholas Calvelli
13:41 14 Oct 23
Referred from my pain management doctor to Restore Wellness Center earlier this year. Dr. Jim has working on my lower lumbar and hips. The lower lumbar decompression tables are one of my favorites. This relieves much of my pain in that lower back and hip area. Make sure you try the decompression table.
Christina Perez
Christina Perez
17:55 11 Oct 23
I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain for quite awhile with no relief. I have seen orthopedic, back, and surgery physicians, had lumbar injections and taken pain meds, to no avail. A friend recommended Dr Jim and I was immediately impressed by his knowledge, professionalism and empathy. He has prepared a treatment plan which includes acupuncture and spinal decompression. I have had 8 sessions and although I am not yet completely pain free(which after years of pain is understandable) I do have less discomfort and a greater range of motion. I look forward to my sessions and walk out feeling better and walking tall! My quality of life has definitely improved .Dr Jim and Restore Wellness Center staff are amazing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to, and have recommended them to my family and friends.read more
patricia whiting
patricia whiting
21:07 26 Sep 23
I have been going to Dr.Claeys for over a year now and I appreciate how he listens to my issues and gives me several options to relieve them. Every time I have trusted his opinion and come away feeling 75-80% immediately! That’s a pretty decent outcome in my opinion. I also find his staff to be very friendly and the office is soothing and smells wonderful. It all enhances my wellness experience! I would highly recommend for their variety of services.read more
Dina Vacca
Dina Vacca
21:51 14 Sep 23
The doctor was able to get me walking when I couldn’t and gave me the best service/treatment ever. I was walking again within 4 days with a cane and I now walk complete without any assistance. The facility is exceptionally clean and the staff is very kind and helpful. I highly recommend this Chiropractor!!!
Evelyn Keegan
Evelyn Keegan
16:34 29 Aug 23
Can't say enough good things! I've been dealing with a lot of hip and lower back pain and I was pain-free for the first time in years after my first appointment! Dr. Jim took the time to really understand my issues and provide recommendations. I am looking forward to getting treatment that actually works and living life with less pain now. Dr. and staff are all amazing!!read more
01:25 05 Aug 23
Dr. Jim and his staff are awesome! I have lower back and neck pain from my service in the Army and they've been an instrumental part of my pain management! They go the extra mile for Veterans!!
David Shane Markley
David Shane Markley
21:00 04 Aug 23
Dr. Jim and his staff are amazing. I was experiencing lower back pain, was adjusted, had lower back acupuncture, and decompression. Now I feel so refreshed and ready for anything. Thank you, Dr. Jim!
Stephen Holmes
Stephen Holmes
19:04 02 Aug 23
Super knowledgeable Dr. providing the BEST Chiropractic & Acupuncture care... Also, a business that supports veterans by accepting referrals from the VA for services rendered. Finally found my perfect 'fit' to assist me in my journey for pain relief and healing!
21:59 09 Jun 21
He's the best in the business!!! One session and I was pain free almost instantly.
Yvette Hernandez
Yvette Hernandez
16:37 06 May 21
The Restore Wellness Center rocks. The staff are kind, thorough, knowledgeable, and make every effort to connect with the source of your pain and really try to alleviate the problem through various cutting edge techniques, including spinal decompression and acupuncture with electric current. For the first time in 15 years of chronic back pain, I'm hopeful that relief is possible, all thanks to Restore Wellness Center!read more
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds
01:41 26 Feb 21
Dr. Jim has saved me again! A few years ago, I had a shoulder problem that I had had for a few years. After a few visits with Dr Jim it was gone.Today I went back because I was suffering with an injury that restricted much of my normal activity, I couldn't even take a deep breath.He sat down with me, explained to me why I was in so much pain and then he worked his magic 😊. He is truly a Dr. that cares about his patients and is extremely knowledgeable. I am very grateful to know him.read more
Jenny Jen
Jenny Jen
03:05 27 Jan 21
I wish I found Restore Wellness Sooner!! Dr. Jim is helping me recover from a car accident I had in June! He really takes his time & listens to all of my concerns. He is very honest from the start & helps in every way he can. He is probably the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever met! His office is full of advanced equipment & machines that help the healing process. Micah at the front desk is also very nice & caring! I’d recommend to anyone in pain ❤️read more
Alexa Gutierrez
Alexa Gutierrez
22:00 12 Jan 21
Dr. Jim as amazing today. He truly listened and asked questions to make sure he understood what my issues and areas of pain were. He knowledge is off the charts! We have a plan of action and I am excited to see and feel the results.
Sean Bradford
Sean Bradford
18:22 12 Jan 21
My mid and lower back had been giving me problems for months. Dr. Jim did a full and thorough assessment of my posture, flexibility and pain threshold. I was impressed at his ability to tailor the treatment based on my symptoms. His approach is very eclectic and he combines traditional chiropractic with the use of modern alignment machines. Dr. Jim is kind and has an empathic bedside manner. I highly recommend his care.read more
Wellington Calderon
Wellington Calderon
18:15 30 Dec 20
This practice is amazing! I injured my neck badly and within my first appointment my mobility increased and a very intense pain decreased.Dr. Jim's personalized care and multiple use of equipment and methods are superb! Finding a good chiropractor is essential in today's stressful world. Dr. Jim/Restore Wellness Center is in fact a great chiropractor. I highly recommend Dr. Jim!read more
Denise Kushnar
Denise Kushnar
16:19 21 Dec 20
I came to Dr. Jim’s office for my first alignment after years of pain from an old rib injury. I am a massage therapist and have had access to some really great treatments that have helped alleviate some of the pain, but was always left with a deeper lingering pain after other treatments. I am happy to say that after just two alignments with Dr. Jim the deeper pain that seemed impossible to get to has diminished, and my whole body feels more mobile. Old injury’s can be challenging to treat because once they start to set in , the body kind of adapts and gets used to that being the new normal. Dr. Jim used state of the art vibration therapies that really shook up the deep set in issues, making his treatments even more effective. We finished my session with an acupuncture treatment. I have been getting acupuncture regularly for almost 15 years, and I was very impressed with Dr. Jim’s thorough approach. The acupuncture treatment also included vibration therapy, something I have never experienced in an acupuncture treatment before, and it was absolutely amazing. The deep relaxation in conjunction with the vibration therapy really allowed my body to relax and release the deep holding patterns that were the root cause of my pain. Dr. Jim truly cares about his patients recovery and is able to offer a fully holistic treatment with deep knowledge and understanding of the medicine he offers.read more
Victoria Underwood
Victoria Underwood
20:49 14 Dec 20
I found Restore Wellness Center's post on Facebook regarding their Contour Lighting service and since they were running a BOGO deal I figured why not. I will be honest, I was very skeptical and honestly after trying several different fat burning and dieting programs with no positive outcome I figured this would just be another fail. After my 1st session with Dr. Jim I lost a little over 2 inches in total and 4 1/2 lbs. and after the 2nd session I had lost another inch and another 4 lbs. For anyone who has been struggling with weight loss, I do not have to tell you how hard it is to lose 8 1/2 lbs. and not to mention over 3 inches from your body, so I am hear to say, "this service works and I would highly recommend it." I am looking forward to continuing to work with Dr. Jim to get to my goal weight. Thank you Restore Wellness Center and Dr. JIm!!read more
Brandi Veno Veno
Brandi Veno Veno
13:33 04 Dec 20
Thank you so much, I was having so much pain in my thumb and wrist that I literally could not squeeze the toothpaste. I had been trying to figure out what was wrong trying excercises and massage and nothing worked. I went to Jim and he told me that it was not carpal tunnel and that he could fix it, he was so confident that i was skeptical but literally after one session with him I was cured. I am so grateful. Thank you. He has a great staff and all the good equipment.read more
Sherry Collazo
Sherry Collazo
13:24 30 Oct 20
The laser therapy has helped my wrist heal quickly. I was in so much pain before I found out about the laser. It really works!Thank you
Nancy caravello
Nancy caravello
16:59 02 Oct 20
I had been experiencing a constant and deep pain in my right lumbar and sacrum area for many years, and I had tolerated it for too long because I was now experiencing pain in my tailbone when sitting. I have a background in sports medicine and practice yoga, so I have tried everything that I knew I should do to elevate this pain.I decided a few weeks ago to search for a chiropractor in the area who practices Eastern and Western medicine, and I came across Dr. Jim's name multiple times. I was able to get an appointment in less than 48 hours, and after my second appointment that same week I had a 90% improvement! What an incredible feeling! I was also experiencing limited movement in my neck and shoulder on the right side, and after the second appointment I was able to turn my head to the right with no restrictions *and* take my right hand behind my back to touch my left shoulder blade. I cannot remember the last time I had this much mobility! My posture has significantly improved and I am sitting up straighter pain-free!Dr. Jim was very patient with me since I had never been to a chiropractor. He involved me in my treatment plan, thoroughly explained everything he was doing at each appointment, and he has an excellent bedside manner. I *highly* recommend Dr. Jim!read more
Kristina Heifferon
Kristina Heifferon
02:39 07 Sep 20
I'm new to the area and hurt my lower back moving. My little sister referred Dr. Jim and I was able to get a next day appointment. I was so thankful because I was was in terrible pain and due to Covid I was having a hard time getting an appointment anywhere. Dr. Jim was AMAZING! I left his office feeling better and was able to sleep that night. The therapy session he designed for a sacrum injury is brilliant and very effective. I returned 2 days later for another treatment and 2 more after that. Within 3 weeks Im almost back to normal. Dr. Jim takes the time to find the root of the problem and designs a treatment specific to you, no cookie cutter adjustments here.read more
Sara Tamling
Sara Tamling
17:51 24 Jul 20
This is my personal experiences with Dr. Jim Claeys @ Restore Wellness Center. I have had several issues I needed to see him about but by far the worst has been my lower back. In 2002 I came home from college and unloading the family car. I was hunched over and lifting something heavy and it got stuck on the latch for the trunk and I felt a huge pinch in my lower back. I saw several doctors and had X Rays done all they ever did for me was prescribe muscle relaxers which did not do anything but make me sleepy. Ever since then my back has hurt while standing which made every day walking or doing anything hurt and pain is a great teacher so I didn't want to go do things like going grocery shopping....I have seen other Chiropractors for help, one only used the activator on my back a few shots and charged me my co-pay and expected me to leave.... Needless to say that didn't do a darn thing except take money out of my bank account and waste time in my day. Another Chiropractor cracked my lower back and it did help some but that was all... push a little and take my money. (and I was happy to pay for some relief)When I went in to see Dr. Jim this year (I saw him a year ago for a few visits which helped other issues) he has seriously upgraded his equipment. He put me on a back decompression table which stretched my back out and after did some cracking work on my ENTIRE back. I didn't think the table would do anything. Later that night I was lying in bed and my lower back started to hurt. 🙁 I was thinking great now I need to go back in for an emergency but I was able to get into a position where I wasn't hurting so I could sleep. I woke up the next day and got ready to go fishing and realized I was walking around my condo and down to my car like a normal person and the pain was not kicking in like it normally did. (It was not totally gone but was seriously degraded) It is kind of hard to notice when you are not in pain unless you think about it. Anyway I have been going to see him every week or two to keep up the adjustments. I know its not permanent but its sooo much better than being permanently in pain!I originally saw him knee pain a year or so ago. At that time he said he really didn't have the equipment to do it but he helped it anyway. Last time I went he mentioned that he has a knee decompression chair too and that got my attention. I tried it today on my left knee which is the one which hurts more and my pain is gone (so far). However since there is no pain in my left knee my right knee is now more noticeable... :-/ I cant win sometimes but at least it is bearable. Part of the knee treatment was also a laser treatment. The combination feels like it helped my knees.I also have seen him in the past (and again currently) for my hands. In high school and after I was on rifle drill team and they took a lot of abuse. As an adult they are now stiff and hurt. I also get a sharp numb feeling when I'm using my mouse at a computer which hurts. I would wake up and my hands would feel super tight and arthritic. I went to Dr. Jim and he uses a combination of vibration and adjustment techniques to align the bones in my hands (so they stop cracking) and my hands feel significantly less stiff. I also do not wake up and they hurt. I do still get numb hands but to fix that he has a carpal tunnel scraping tool which does work... it just isn't pleasant. So if you have carpal tunnel issues he can help so you may not need to have surgery.Lately he has also been helping me with my ankles and feet. They have been hurting while walking (and sleeping) but he does some adjustments and no more pain.Bottom line he uses a percussion massage to help loosen you up before adjustments. It makes them easier to do and much more effective. He is not a crack and you are done Chiropractor which I like. You get way more for your money and really it is not that expensive (just don't tell him I said so)I am not being paid for this review or anything. He does way more than just your back you just need to tell him what hurts you may be surprised.read more
Paul Merana
Paul Merana
16:31 17 Jun 20
I have been seeing Dr. Jim for a month now. I have had 4 sessions once a week and have had incredible results. I was in a bad car accident 3 years ago and have been in constant and daily pain ever since. I have knots in the muscles all throughout my neck, back, and shoulders. He is very personable and easy to talk to. He makes a custom plan just for me and the specific areas that need attention for that week. The first appointment, as I was driving to the office I could feel the sharp pain in my upper right shoulder and sensitive to the touch, inflamed. After just an hour with Dr. Jim it was clear and no pain. I literally touched my shoulder and it felt as if that was never a problematic area, it was incredible and something you would have to experience yourself to really see for yourself! It takes a lot to impress me and I was more than impressed. He did an adjustment, then did acupuncture with decompression and heat applied. Once done he will apply a topical cream to soothe area. The following week he did the same procedure to my lower left hip area on my back and the exact some results. Gone in an hour. He has many different techniques from acupuncture to adjustment to vibration table to decompression and more. 5 stars and would definitely recommend, as I am there every week.read more
Jennifer Schultz
Jennifer Schultz
19:13 05 Jun 20
I have been experiencing lower back pain recently and Dr. Jim was able to treat my pain with cutting edge technology and expert advice to prevent further injury in the future. Dr. Jim is the highly recommend across the board and with just 1 visit you will understand why. Start healing today and book your appointment.
Justin Arienta
Justin Arienta
21:42 20 May 20

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